Flash Map of Boston's Voting Districts

Nov 18, 2009 5:53 PM. All work by

This is a map I created in Adobe Flash using the ActionScript 3 programming language. I started with a basic map of the Boston districts and added a bit of information on what candidates were running in what districts. If I had more time, I would have added in demographic data, campaign finance information and the works.
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CoverItLive Streaming Coverage

5:44 PM. All work by

A replay of the streaming coverage of the 2009 Boston Veteran's Day Parade for Fenway News Online. The package was a team effort put forth by five students from Boston University's College of Communication:

Blog coverage provided by: Keith Colella and Marion Geiger.
Photos by: Caitlin Nordahl and Angela Carlos
Management and commentary by: Ina Chu and Jonathan Kim

This was my first attempt at doing live web coverage, and it worked out extremely well considering we had no satellite internet cards, video cameras or a budget.

View Veteran's Day Parade Map in a larger map
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Boston At-Large City Council Candidates

5:37 PM. All work by

This is a compiled sample of the media packages I built for Fenway News Online as part of our on-going coverage of the city council elections. The final products were six separate slideshows, which are still available on the Fenway News Online website.
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