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Fenway News
I'm currently the Online Editor at the Fenway News, and I'm working on a ton of new things to build them a long-term, cost-efficient website that is flexible, user-friendly and easy to update. Check out the latest design.

829 Studios LLC
I've just recently been dubbed Lead Developer at the web development firm, 829 Studios LLC. I manage a team of three programmers whom I've personally selected, interviewed and hired. It is my responsibility to generate a quote for the account representatives to bring to clients, chart a development schedule and see it through. I also do frontend and backend work on many of the websites we build or maintain, where necessary. I got this position after over a year of working with 829 Studios LLC.

CFA Information Technology
This small office of tech-savvy student employees is where I've been working for the past three years. I was swapping out hard drives and troubleshooting Windows when I started there, but lately all I do is web programming and project management. My most recent assignment is to create an equipment reservation site with extreme accountability features. Concurrently, I am leading a team of developers in a redesign of the ALEA III website. Follow along.

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