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ChoiceCamps.com Redesign

Redesign of the "Travelocity for summer camps" -style website, Choice Camps. The redesign was a heavy overhaul and involved roughly 300 hours of work in a two-month window. The new site features a dual Content Managment System of WordPress and a custom-built CMS. The site is extremely SEO friendly and is deeply interwoven amongst the several thousand pages that were created for this launch. Htaccess and the mod_rewrite protocol were used extensively to make every URL both "pretty" and search-engine friendly.
Link: www.choicecamps.com

Licensing International Merchants Association, Redesign 2009

The client, Licensing International Merchants Association (LIMA), is a huge corporation that deals with companies like Disney and Mattel. Their website features a robust custom-built CMS, user sign-ins, eCommerce in both dollars and British pounds, and back-end user management, among other things.
Link: www.licensing.org

Fenway News Online Website Design

The third redesign that I've done for the local community newspaper, Fenway News. The site has it's own branding as Fenway News Online and is built at no cost to the non-profit, volunteer-based newspaper. The whole site is run on Google's Blogger platform, a free service, since the paper had no budget for a website. Since the site's launch in January 2009, several tens of thousands of visitors have come through the site. In November of that same year, the site had over 500 articles online.
Link: www.fenwaynews.org

Corporate website for the web development firm, 829LLC. The design was provided to me as a handful of images that I mimicked, polished and programmed into a fully operating website built in PHP, HTML and heavy CSS. Because of good coding practices and much foresight, the website is flexible and easy to update.
Link: www.829llc.com

A website for a summer camp called Camp Cody. I do all sorts of last-minute updates for this site like swapping photos or building interfaces. Since I don't have access to the website's database, I've been using creative solutions to store and return data, making things look more complicated than they really are.
Link: www.cody.org

The "Travelocity of summer camps," is what the developers, Peter Ross and Nick Riotto, have called it. This is an extremely complex and powerful site that stems from a great idea. I had no part in the design or initial development, but I do various updates and improve functionality. The site designers are no longer under contract, so any and all work goes through me.
Link: www.choicecamps.com

The previous portfolio website, active until January 2009. I had to learn to use Server Side Includes (SSI) since the server did not allow PHP scripting. I designed every aspect of this site, including all graphics.
Link: none

One in an extended family of websites I help to create for the IT department at Boston University's College of Fine Arts. It's built with a heavy PHP backend and interacts with several different servers. Until this redesign that I did in 2007, the services were divided across more than nine different sites. That recent update tied all the services together to share databases, authentication and essential code.
Link: cfaito.bu.edu

The Boston University College of Fine Arts website that I help maintain. The site is coded using a Server Side Include (SSI) language to get around the insecurities of PHP. I help to manage content, styles and to develop dynamic pages within the constrains of the server's security settings.
Link: www.bu.edu/cfa

The highly customized website from a school magazine I tried to start while in college. I was one of two designers who used PHP, CSS and the WordPress XML to create the unique look and feel. It featured slideshows, a flash gallery and streaming videos.
Link: none

One of my early portfolio websites, designed in late-2006. I designed this one using Adobe Flash. The main graphic is a collage piece designed with images I found on the internet.
Link: none

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