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Things about Jonathan Kim

I was born in May of 1988 and spent most of my childhood on Oahu, Hawaii where my family lives. Currently, I'm a journalism undergraduate at Boston University, but I dabble in a few other fields. I am scheduled to graduate in May of 2010.

I love surfing, snowboarding and finding places that serve superb green tea. I'm also quite passionate about cooking (sometimes) and get excited when I have the time to make an elaborate breakfast.

If I could say one thing about myself, it's that I am extremely driven. I put myself through my last two years of college by taking three part-time jobs and projects on the side. I've fully applied myself to everything I've done and constantly seek ways to improve myself and whatever team I am working with.

Now for some fun stuff...

Here are a few responses to common questions that people ask me:
Do you surf? Yes, I do surf.
Do you know Obama? No, I have never met Barack Obama.
Why did you go to Boston for school? I came to the east coast to challenge myself at BU's highly ranked journalism program.
Did you live in Hawaii all your life? No, I actually grew up in Guam until I was eight-years-old.

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