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Fenway News Graphic of Sam Yoon

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Web graphic used on the homepage of Fenway News during the Mass. City Council Elections. The banners were a huge hit with visitors.

Fenway News Graphic of Thomas Menino

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Fenway News Graphic of Kevin McCrea

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Fenway News Graphic of Michael Flaherty

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Supporting informational graphic for an article about the regulations on and impacts of Hawaii gillnet (or gill net) fishing. The marine outlines (eight total) were done by Honolulu Advertiser graphic artist, Jon Orque.

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Full page graphic presentation of the annual High School Hall of Honor winners. Photos were either submitted to the Honolulu Advertiser or taken by Advertiser staff.

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Flier designed for client, Camp Cody, while interning as a graphic designer at 829 LLC, a small Brookline-based firm.

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Cover page for a mock magazine designed for class.

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A two-page spread on Scientology. The far right has a three-part timeline that shows the relationship between different categories of events.

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A two-page spread on The People's Temple. A three-part timeline (like the one on the previous spread) borders the top of the page.

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The cover of a mock magazine designed for a layout/design class. The magazine, a coming-together of the elemental artist and the hip technological designer, is called "ASDF" after the first four keys in homerow. "Clean," "rough," "simple," and "urban" make up the magazine's personality.

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The magazine's table of contents page with the 20 article titles required for the assignment.

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The shock-and-awe two-page spread on Adobe After Effects. All the elements of the layout are positioned to give the entire page a sense of movement.

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The front and back cover of a simple newsletter designed against rigid guidelines. The major creative opportunities were the typographic elements, particularly on the mailing panel (back cover). The calendar is surprisingly functional and easy to read, and the layout of the mailing information follows the US Postal Services' standards and should process properly if actually used.

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The inside spread of the four-page newsletter. Everything except the positions of items and running information were required. The heading text uses "Impact" font with a negative leading and a slightly negative tracking.

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